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When considering who would bid for the School Transport contract back in 2007 two questions arose… who would pay for the work involved in preparing the bid and very importantly who would own the contract? A Representative Organisation could not. The equally challenging problem for the bus and coach operator was the selection against them if they showed any interest in any attempt to manage their own affairs within transport in Ireland, particularly the school Transport contract. iBus plc. is a private company made up of individual small to medium bus and coach operators whose identities are only know to the Promoter*, John Dunne.

*All details on the Promoter are explained in the Information Memorandum, which you can view here.

ibus plc was established in 2008 to position small to medium sized bus and coach operators within a legal company entity and structure capable of competing for large transport contracts such as the School Transport Scheme. The following extracts from the Information Memorandum issued in 2008 give the brief concept and background. For more information read through the Memorandum here.

“The Government will be forced to put the School Transport System contract out to tender…a new Irish owned company..” click here.

“Loan Notes… 300 shares” click here.

“Absolute Guarantee…” click here.

Read the full Information Memorandum (recommended), click here.

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